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Radio Campaigns Planning & Analysis on 800+ Radio Stations - Dicomm Media

Connection, Repetition, Recall, Results. The Power of Radio.

With more than 800 Canadian radio stations available, Dicomm provides expert guidance on developing radio campaigns that offer reach and frequency at the best available pricing structure. Dicomm is a leading independent radio media buyer.

Adult Contemporary, Country, Talk-Radio, Sports and many other formats serve Canadians in English, French and other languages.

Radio gets personal - Listeners have an emotional connection with their favorite stations and announcers. They tune in regularly, build bonds with on-air personalities and trust the information they hear.

Radio connects and delivers - Canadian Radio engages the listener's imagination and creates vivid theatre of the mind. That's why radio advertising has the power to penetrate barriers, inspire thought, create action and deliver results. Dicomm offers expert radio media analysis and buying.

Dicomm offers insight and analysis on
800+ radio stations across Canada

Radio Campaigns Planning & Analysis on 800+ Radio Stations

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